NEW Direct Store Delivery for Mobile Devices

Direct Store Delivery Software

CAT Squared is proud to announce the release of our new Direct Store Delivery (DSD) app for mobile devices. DSD provides route accounting, inventory control, mobile point-of-sale and delivery functionality. The app integrates into a company’s ERP, CRM and WMS systems reconciling financial and inventory data.

“We are set to test this new system with one of our existing customers in March,” said CAT Squared CEO Vernon Smith. The test site is a company that produces poultry and pork products in Jamaica and directly distributes to restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets.

“DSD will be a game changer for our test site,” said Smith. “With DSD, all transaction data is managed in real time and automatically reconciled with the accounting system when the drivers complete their deliveries. And because DSD integrates seamlessly with CAT Squared’s WMS module, our test site will no longer need to pre-allocate product. The shipping department only needs to ensure that the correct amount of product is loaded to fulfill all orders along the driver’s route, and the driver can pull any box of product to fulfill each customer’s order.”

DSD also provides an easy method for resolving incorrect orders or customer disputes. If a customer disputes the weight labeled on the product or needs to change the order, the driver can record variances with an explanation and process order changes along the route. As the driver scans each box of product and processes each payment, transactions can be updated in real time using GPRS, or if cellular communication is not available, the data is stored within the mobile device’s local database and reconciled when the driver completes his/her route. DSD saves time and provides complete traceability of product through the delivery process.

Other features in the app include:

  • Digital signatures
  • Real-time route tracking
  • Ability to print invoices and pick lists
  • Can record variances and process order changes
  • Ensures product meets age-restriction requirements for each customer
  • Data can be used to create KPIs and Dashboards


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