CAT Squared to Develop Blockchain App

Connecting the Food Value Chain

Food traceability blockchain application

For nearly 25 years, CAT Squared has developed manufacturing execution systems (MES) to manage plant-floor processes for food processing facilities. CAT Squared’s MES delivers end-to-end traceability from receiving of ingredients and dry goods through shipping of final product. By combining our MES with blockchain and other IIoT technologies, CAT Squared can now expand the reach of our capabilities outside the four walls of the plant, connecting all participants of the food value chain.


Connecting Manufacturers to Consumers

By scanning a QR code on a package of product, consumers are connected to high-quality consumer content plus traceability data from the MES (as selected by the brand’s marketing team). Through stories and data, consumers can experience the care and quality of the food they are about to purchase. Manufacturers can also offer promo offers and provide opportunities for customer feedback.


Connecting Manufacturers to Retail Customers

CAT Squared will offer a private blockchain for manufacturers to share select data with retail customers. Our team will create a unification warehouse and API services application to chain the right data from the MES to the QR Code. Chained information along with data with more rigorous data requirements will be moved into a private, immutable blockchain that the manufacturer can share with its retail and wholesale customers. This data will allow retailers to perform mock recalls and query quality check data. The blockchain platform archives the data securely and proves the data provenance with time-stamping during storage so it can be independently verified to consumers, retailers or restaurant chains.


Preparing Food Suppliers for Potential Blockchain Mandates from Retail Customers

Since Wal-Mart issued its traceability mandate to their leafy-greens suppliers, other suppliers have been watching closely to see if their industry will be next. CAT Squared is mindful of the need for interoperability between blockchains. If at some point in the future one of our manufacturing customers becomes mandated to share data with another retail customer’s blockchain, data can easily be integrated with other blockchain platforms like Food Trust.


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