Whole Carcass Processing


Software for the Food Industry - Whole Carcass Processing

This application tracks yield from each carcass side through cut-up. The RFID tag or barcode is married to each carcass side for tracking. It identifies where loss is occurring in the debone process and enables floor personnel to proactively improve performance. The application integrates with rail scales for real-time weights. Weights of hocks, horns, hides, heads or any sub-product are captured via hopper scales, Modbus scales or DataCats.


  • Proactively manages yield improvement
  • Reduces waste and lost opportunities
  • Controls product inventory in real time
  • Ensures efficient recall
  • Utilizes real-time reporting


  • Manages the kill schedule for daily production
  • Identifies carcasses using ear and back tags
  • Tracks carcass yield throughout the entire production process
  • Maintains traceability from farm to fork
  • Integrates with other CAT² modules, such as the Warehouse Management System for inventory and shipping

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