Software and Services for the Food Industry - Warehouse Management System

CAT²’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) enables plants to reach higher levels of efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction by managing orders, preventing shipping errors, reducing spoilage, and maintaining precise inventory control in real time. Floor personnel use hand-held devices to palletize, position, pick, and ship. The system’s serialized inventory method provides complete traceability and facilitates one-click forward and backward recalls. Reports offer a comprehensive view of inventory levels, movement, rework, and yield. And all data is updated in real time, providing management with an up-to-date view of plant floor activity.


  • Reduces shipping errors by directing picking, enforcing shipping rules, and preventing on-hold product from being shipped
  • Reduces spoilage by enforcing age rules and FIFO requirements
  • Provides real-time data about every bar code that is scanned, so management stays up-to-date on plant floor activity
  • Works in conjunction with other CAT² modules to provide complete, instantaneous traceability for recalls
  • Integrates with existing ERP systems to receive and send transactional data from the plant floor


  • Facilitates palletizing, positioning, picking, building loads, and shipping
  • Includes all shipping documentation including schedules, pick lists, packing slips, and bills of lading
  • Includes real-time reports for inventory, production, movement, rework, and yield
  • Allows plants to perform recalls by lot, serial number, or production data
  • Defines movement and shipping rules by location, customer, product, or order

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