Traceability for the Egg Industry


Traceability for the Egg Industry


Traceability has been a key feature of the CAT2 Egg Tracking & Traceability System for many years. We have excelled at providing our customers in this industry with a solution that significantly reduces the scope of a recall. Since the FDA Egg Safety Rule of 2009, companies must have the ability to provide reliable and accurate traceability. Fortunately, implementing solutions to meet those needs has also provided those same companies a significant competitive advantage and increased customer loyalty.

Labeling can be done at a pallet or case level. All dry goods and ingredients can be traced into the lots they are issued to. Bar-code and RFID technology can be implemented to provide fast, accurate and easy recording of all movement transactions. Each case and pallet is uniquely identified by means of a serial number. The shipping functionality within the Egg Tracking & Traceability System module will close the loop providing complete traceability. Recall reports can be generated by production date, lot, serial number, time range, packing material lot or ingredient lot, showing the location of all product within the scope of a recall, be it on the plant floor, inside your warehouse, at a remote storage facility or at a customer.


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