Real-Time Data Improves Efficiency and Traceability across 16 Rose Acre Farms Plants


Rose Acre Farms Success Story in the Egg Industry

When Rose Acre Farms first approached CAT Squared for a software solution, they were facing issues identifying product shortages due to their inability to accurately track the company’s inventory in real time. According to IT Director Paul Wischmeier, “We were collecting data on paper and inputting it into spreadsheets at the end of the day. Management never knew the accurate number of eggs in each facility’s coolers. So often, we had to rely on intercompany transfers between facilities to fill orders. This led to longer-than-anticipated fulfillment times.”

Rose Acre Farms decided to install CAT Squared’s Egg Inventory System, which provides tracking and traceability for both inventory and shipping processes. Employees can create run sheets to fulfill orders and view inventory in real time as product is palletized and positioned into inventory locations. Companies can track containers, build loads to ship with pick lists that identify the location of the oldest product, and receive both transfers and returns into inventory.

For the first time, Rose Acre could analyze extensive production data in real time across 16 facilities. “We now have live reports of inventory per warehouse at each site, we also have variance reports showing the quantity and kind of materials that were issued to the floor and can see the quantity and kind of each material that was actually used for packing each product every day. This helps our purchasing department control inventory at every location and helps our sales team cater to customers’ needs,” said Brian Tormoehlen, inventory control systems manager.

Efficiency also improved in Rose Acre’s QA department. According to Tormoehlen, “Our quality department requires users to do mock recalls every so often. We have a three-hour time slot in which to complete an audit. Before Egg Inventory, it took between two-and-a-half to three hours to get it done. Now, we can do a material audit in a little less than one hour and a product audit in less than 15 minutes.”

Tormoehlen continued, “The system is so transparent and straightforward that we’ve eliminated nearly every issue other than user error. On the rare occasion that an error does occur, we can look back at the data and see exactly what happened, and it usually reveals that an employee needs additional training on company procedure, and we’re able to respond to that issue immediately and appropriately to ensure the error doesn’t reoccur.”

Additionally, according to Tormoehlen, “The installation was fairly simple considering the scope of the project. We started with just two of our 16 facilities to work out how the system will work with our specific protocols. I and one other Rose Acre employee (Mark Henley) worked alongside CAT Squared’s staff implementing the system at the first two facilities. After that, our IT department set up the servers, and Mark and I installed the rest of the equipment at the remaining 14 facilities. Looking back, the installation seemed fairly seamless.”

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