CAT² Delivers Complete Traceability to Banvit


Software Solutions for the Food Industry Banvit Success Story

Banvit began as a feed producer in 1968 and has grown to become one of the foremost food producers in Europe and the largest fully-integrated broiler producer in Turkey, processing 160 million birds per year. The company also owns a state-of-the-art further processing facility as well as a turkey processing facility.

As part of Banvit’s enterprising growth strategy, they identified the need for an integrated manufacturing execution system. In 1997, after an extensive search, Banvit selected CAT² to implement complete primary processing, further processing, and food safety systems. These systems have successfully managed every aspect of Banvit’s production process in all three facilities since their installation, providing real-time production control and management information; the Banvit team has been able to realize significant returns in productivity, efficiency, error reduction, and yield improvements.

True to their innovative management style, Banvit’s team reacted to the challenges of avian influenza (“bird flu”) in Turkey by embarking on an extensive marketing campaign, explaining how their CAT² systems allow them achieve complete product traceability, proving that their birds were not among those affected by the outbreak. Banvit’s customers could buy a tray of chicken, type the serial number from the tray into a field on Banvit’s website, and view a complete genealogy report that tracks the product back to the broiler’s farm, flock, and breeder. This groundbreaking approach allowed Banvit to increase market share and stand apart from the competition.

CAT² not only counts Banvit as a trusted customer and partner but Banvit’s employees as true friends.

Timur Karaman, IT manager, commented, “It is my responsibility to manage CAT² software systems in our plants. We have worked with CAT²’s systems since 1998, utilizing all of their modules from live receiving through production, make-to-order, yield management, and warehouse management. CAT²’s systems manage every aspect of our primary and further processing plants. I have seen many other companies who have developed similar systems, but to be honest, we could not find the same quality and efficiency anywhere else like we could with CAT²’s software.”

Karaman continued, “We recently survived a disaster at our Bandirma processing plant when the entire plant flooded, resulting in our not being able to use the CAT² system for few of days. Without the use of the primary processing system, the same amount of production took eight hours longer to complete. We have been able to reach CAT² 24/7, which is a critical point for us as we have three production shifts. Since we have implemented CAT²’s software we cannot imagine life without it!  We have been very happy working with CAT² and believe we will continue to do so for many years to come.”

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