Seeking Senior Software Engineer

The employee will support and develop software tools for the food processing industry. Will be responsible for customer support. Will modify existing software to correct errors, allow it to adapt to new hardware, or to improve its performance. Will analyze and adapt to user needs and software requirements. Will collaborate with colleagues on design and project implementation, will maintain data for analysis. Requires Master’s Degree in Applied Computing/Computer Science or Software Engineering. A bachelor’s degree in the named fields plus five years progressive experience as software developer is also acceptable.

Requires 2 months experience using

  1. Clarion Programming Language,
  2. Visual Studio Development, and
  3. SQL. This experience may have been gained before, during, or after the education required.

Send resumes to Kathy Barbeire, CAT Squared, 2035 Maple Ridge Circle, Conway, AR 72034

Verify C.A.T. Squared