Complete Traceability Portal


Software & Services for the Food Industry - Complete Product Traceability Portal for Consumers

The Complete Traceability Portal incorporates all of CAT²’s systems to deliver farm-to-fork traceability to consumers. Consumers can enter a bar code number online and view the full genealogy of the product they purchased, including the originating farm, kill date, processing plant, and quality and production information, as well as other documentation, such as pathology testing results. The portal can be hosted from any company’s website and can greatly increases consumer confidence as well as market share during animal disease outbreaks and industry recalls.


  • Provides complete product genealogy using CAT² data
  • Allows companies to host and fully customize the portal’s user interface with dynamic layouts and company-specific logos


  • Increases consumer confidence by providing buyers with farm, processing, and quality data for the product they have purchased
  • Increases market share during outbreaks and industry recalls

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