Real-Time Data Reporting and Analysis


Software for the Food Industry Real-Time Data

Real-time data analysis saves time, which translates into saving money and increasing customer satisfaction. The following stories illustrate how our real-time reporting tools made a dramatic impact for three of our clients:


Executive Dashboard Rose Acre Farms faced issues with identifying product shortages due to their inability to accurately track the company’s inventory in real time. According to IT Director Paul Wischmeier, “In 2009, we were collecting data on paper and inputting it into spreadsheets at the end of the day. Management never knew the accurate number of eggs in the cooler or if a plant had enough eggs to fill all of that day’s orders. So often, we would have to pull eggs from multiple plants to fill an order. This led to longer-than-anticipated fulfillment times.” After CAT2 implemented our Egg Inventory Management solution, all of the company’s inventory data from 16 plants flowed into the Executive Dashboard in real time. At any moment, a company executive knows how many eggs are in which cooler in which plant and how many are getting shipped to which customer.


Plant-Floor Scoreboards At Peco Foods, manually-entered data was taking too long to compile, and human error further complicated the analysis. Instead of knowing as soon as a failure occurred or a process was out of control, management would have to wait a day or longer to view the data, which sometimes revealed costly, avoidable problems. As part of CAT2‘s Food Safety & Quality Control implementation at the plant, we installed 55-inch flat-screen monitors encased in IP69K-rated stainless steel anti-moisture enclosures that provide plant-floor associates a clear view of real-time data. For the first time, Peco could analyze extensive quality and production data in real time and respond as soon as problems occurred. Because employees were able to see their yields in real time, management was able to tap into their employees’ competitive nature and offer performance-based incentives, which dramatically improved employee morale and product yield.


Complete Traceability Portal Banvit had been using CAT² software since the mid 1990’s to implement complete primary processing, further processing, and food safety systems at their plants. Because data from all aspects of the company’s processes flow seamlessly into one database, Banvit is one of the few companies that can claim complete, real-time traceability for all of their products. When the Bird Flu struck in Turkey, Banvit’s team was able to react by embarking on an extensive marketing campaign, explaining how their systems allow them complete product traceability. A portal was added to their website where Banvit’s customers can type the serial number from a tray of chicken into a field and view a complete genealogy report that tracks the product back to the broiler’s farm, flock, and breeder. This groundbreaking approach allowed Banvit to stand apart from the competition by showing consumers their products where not sourced by any affected suppliers.

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