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Software & Services for the Food Industry - Production Control System

CAT²’s Production Control Module (PCM) allows companies to optimize production plans based on sales orders, purchase orders, and priority rules, and then monitor real-time production progress against those plans. PCM integrates with the CAT² Label Manager and plant-floor scales to ensure accuracy, and all product, including hole-in-wall and work-in-progress, is tracked and serialized for complete traceability. PCM offers a complete view of plant-floor production performance in one location, allowing management to view real-time yield and analyze key performance indicators in their processes.


  • Optimizes production plans by integrating with sales and purchase orders from your company’s ERP system
  • Reduces downtime by allowing management to make changes during production; the changes are instantaneously updated for scale operators on the plant floor
  • Empowers management by offering real-time production, movement, and inventory reports
  • Increases yields by displaying live data when and where you want using reports or scoreboards, even on the plant floor
  • Integrates with Label Manager for easy-to-use, custom label design


  • Offers a dynamic interface for plant-floor users including PLU hot keys for ease of use
  • Tracks progress against production schedules in real time
  • Supports pallet labeling, manual case labeling, and in-motion case labeling in bar code and RFID formats
  • Enforces production plan at the scale level
  • Generates daily material requirements based off each day’s production plan

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