NEW VERSION RELEASED: V.10.17 Now Available

Version 10.17 is now available for customers wishing to upgrade. Please contact to have Version 10.17 loaded into your test environment. Please review the release notes below for an overview of new functions:



  • CLAR246 – Users now have the ability to Repost data from Hopper scales that were unsuccessfully sent through the interface with the new “Report” button in Primary Yield > Real Time > Yield, Hopper Data.
  • CLAR553 – When using the Mixing (TS) app, users can now use a scale to receive wt vales (further upd to handle partial-consumption/split-wt as well) (CLAR569)
  • CLAR632 – users can now see the remaining balance of a partially consumed Premix from Premix Lots in Mixing Main.
  • CLAR635 – Users can now use the “Undo” option in MixMain > Spices > Premix Lots to handle raw meat as well as raw spices.
  • CLAR655 – Users can now map a custom SSRS Lot Tally Sheet report in PPTSM > Module Setup > Production Yield >Insp & Disp SSRS Reporting tab.
  • CLAR728 – When creating or modifying product records, users can now modify the Profile Number and Pallet Labels (this only applies to Further processing pallets).
  • No new functions / modifications
  • CLAR677 – The “Current Lot” box will now update automatically when lot number is changed manually.
  • CLAR682 – Lot Batches in the system have now been integrated into HIW Prod.
  • CLAR685 – Picking & Unpicking
    • in PPTSM > Module Setup > CSM > PalmCSM, Do not auto position picked pallets checkbox added to prevent the system from positioning a pallet when it is picked.
    • same, Allow adding cases to picked pallet  control added to allow users to add more cases to a pallet even if it is picked if they select either option 1 (allowed) or 2 (prompt user)
    • same,  Allow Pick Past Age control added to allow users to add a buffer on age restrictions if option 1 or 2 is selected.
    • CSM > Order handling > Order, when Inserting/Modifying Order items, users can select the Allow Product Past Max Age checkbox and enter the number of days allowed past max-age.
  • CLAR732 – In PPTSM > Module Setup > CSM > PalmCSM, users can select the Do not allow move/merge pallet/case with different location type checkbox to prevent operators from moving cases or merging pallets in a location with one location type to a pallet in a location with a different location type.
  • CLAR745 – In PPTSM > mod setup > yield setup, users can select the Exclude Chut Count checkbox to exclude chute wts from DOA, Reject, and Damaged wts. When posting tickets from the HangQ to Delivery, the average wt will be used instead of the chute count.
  • CLAR749 – Created a larger exit button in InspDisp
  • CLAR772 – The Second Gross button will now be hidden on LWR-WB if the application is configured to not take Second Gross Weights.
  • CLAR783 – users can now view the Production Date for cases in a freezer, cooler, or on the floor in Load Details on the HH.
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