New Functionality Available for TacticalOps Planning & Optimization Module

TacticalOps planning and optimization software

In 2018, CAT Squared along with our collaborators at UniSoma and AIMMS unveiled TacticalOps, our new planning & optimization software module, at IPPE. This exciting new tool empowers food manufacturers with the ability to capture real-time data from the plant floor and plug that data into a complex mathematical model, which projects production scenarios based on various inputs.

This year, we’ve added new functionality that visitors can demo at our IPPE booth #B-5944:

  • We’ve developed an integration to the day-to-day production system monitoring. After a scenario has been optimized and published, this is forwarded into the production monitoring solution (part of the CAT Squared software suite), and production managers are able to verify if there are any issues at the plant in following the plan.
  • Production is now directly tied to the sales order, providing estimated and detailed information on production dates for each sales order.

TacticalOps provides insight into how to maximize plant production given various scenarios by capturing and analyzing data on all inputs and outputs, production methods, product specs, and available markets. For example, given a limited supply of raw material and imbalanced demand, what is the best product mix that will deliver the best outcome for your company? If you run a poultry plant, and you receive chickens that are larger than your average standard deviation, what do you do with them? Do you machine cut or manual cut? How will this decision impact your plant’s yield? This level of insight allows management to make the best production plan for that plant.

To schedule a demo, click on our scheduling link, and select a time slot with either Vernon Smith or Luis Pinto.  






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