Leveraging a Food Safety & Quality Management (FSQM) System for ROI

Paperless HACCP System

Many companies come to us searching for a more efficient way to document their food quality and safety data to meet USDA, FDA, HAACP, BRC, & SQF requirements. Many of these companies are using clipboards and spreadsheets and already expect to see efficiency improvements related to meeting government and client requirements, but they are not expressly interested in monitoring production data such as give-away and yield. Those who do leverage the system this way have seen tremendous return on investment (ROI).

OPPORTUNITY: Our customer was selling pre-cooked product to a large fast-food chain and partially cooked product to supermarkets. Unfortunately, the actual profits were not meeting projections. The plant manager reported they could not identify where the loss was occurring, but knew they should be making more money than they were.

SOLUTION: The plant was using CAT Squared’s FSQM to perform the required net weight checks on 10-lb. cases. From that data, it was clear that the fixed weight product was being over-packed. To determine exactly how much was being overpacked and given away, CAT Squared tied into the plant’s check weighers, at a cost of less than $500 per scale, and began trending, in real time, every case weight. The system was configured with a 1-ounce overpack limit, and, within two weeks of CAT Squared arriving onsite, giveaway tracking was fully implemented.

“When the system went live for a test, we immediately had to shut it down,” said Tom Huls, VP of sales at CAT Squared. “Nearly every box failed the check.”

The plant was running an average of 4-ounces giveaway per case. On one of their top selling items, they were giving away $2 a box and were producing thousands of those overweight cases a day. With real-time email alerting on both spec limits and SPC trending, on-floor graphical scoreboards, and scheduled reports that were sitting in the inbox when production employees start work, the system was able to drive tremendous process improvement and achieve unexpected, but much appreciated, ROI of six months.

Following that initial success, we have now rolled out this exact same solution to many other plants, even tracking over 100,000 individual consumer units a day. Our FSQM system will not only transform your quality department’s efficiency and accuracy, but also provides a view into your production processes all with one out-of-the box system.


Written by:

Kathy Barbeire
CAT Squared Marketing Manager
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