Overhead Sizing


Software for the Food Industry - Overhead Sizing
CAT²’s Overhead Sizing application integrates with existing sizing and distribution systems to collect counts, weights, and grades of birds entering and exiting chillers; the module also captures pick-up percent and yields in the production process.

By integrating overhead sizing data with CAT² applications and hopper scales, plants gain an accurate, real-time view of production yields, traceability data, and dynamic grading and sorting. This integration helps plants maximize profits with minimal invasion to existing procedures.


  • Allows plants to track detailed bird information by line
  • Gives plant personnel real-time feedback regarding yield pickups and other data
  • Works in conjunction with other CAT² modules to provide traceability and a comprehensive view of primary processing performance


  • Captures counts, weights, and grades of birds entering and exiting the chiller
  • Captures water pickup percent for birds exiting the chiller
  • Uses hopper scales to ensure correct data
  • Includes real-time reporting

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