Inspection & Disposition


Software for the Food Industry - Inspection and Disposition

CAT²’s Inspection and Disposition application allows plants to collect on-line inspection defect data (e.g., airsacculitis, septicemia toxemia, overscald, etc.) by inspector, line, lot, grower, and station. As government inspectors find plant condemn, farm condemn, or reprocessing defects, the plant helpers touch a button on a touchscreen computer to record the defect.

Lot numbers are automatically updated using sensors on the production line, ensuring defect statistics are attributed to the correct grower, and USDA/CFIA lot tally sheets and shift reports are automatically generated with the correct values. This data increases A-grade potential by keeping personnel aware of plant condemn causes and allows plants to rank growers using DOA and farm condemn counts.


  • Removes paperwork from the plant floor and eliminates the guesswork surrounding manually-recorded results
  • Increases A-grade potential by keeping supervisors aware of plant condemn causes
  • Automatically generates regulatory lot tally sheets and shift reports
  • Generates detailed grower performance profiles based on DOA and farm condemn results, allowing companies to choose the best growers
  • Seamlessly integrates with Live Bird Receiving to automatically change lots on each production line


  • Defines plant-specific defects and tracks counts by lot
  • Shows real-time inspection results on the production lines
  • Includes real-time reporting on all defect-related statistics including grower, production line, defect, and inspector
  • Supports HIMP processes

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