Egg Inventory System


Software for the Food Industry - Egg Inventory System

CAT²’s Egg Inventory System provides tracking and traceability for both inventory and shipping processes. Create run sheets to fulfill orders and view inventory in real time as product is palletized and positioned into inventory locations. Track containers, build loads to ship with pick lists that identify the location of the oldest product, and receive both transfers and returns into inventory.


  • Shows inventory in real time
  • Recalls by lot, serial number, or production date
  • Builds run sheets
  • Controls the shipping process from building loads to generating BOLs and reports
  • Integrates with existing ERP or financial systems


  • Reduces shipping errors and increases customer confidence
  • Reduces spoilage
  • Improves speed for order completion
  • Tracks all product and container movement
  • Improves inventory control and staff productivity

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