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Software for the Food Industry - Further Processing Tools

CAT2‘s Further Processing Tools Series (FPTS) manages ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat processes from receipt to pack out, providing yield data for analysis and reporting. All meat, spices, and dry goods are received, issued, and tracked through mixing, cooking, cooling, packing, and rework, providing real-time inventory control, progress for customer orders, and complete forward and backward traceability in case of a recall.

CAT2‘s Mixing application enforces recipes set in a product’s specification. Operators scan and weigh raw meat and other ingredients as they are added to a batch, creating traceability records and ensuring that the correct amounts of the correct ingredients are being used. The Mixing module eliminates operator errors and ensures consistency and accuracy in the mixing process.

After mixing, the FPTS applications track the meat blocks/mix lots through cooking and cooling as well, scanning each product and rack/tree movement for traceability and inventory, capturing weights, and calculating yield gains and losses for process analysis. Our Smokehouse application was designed specifically for bacon processing. The weight of the product is collected post-injection, post-oven, post-chiller, and post-cooler. The system uses the weights at each data collection point to calculate yields throughout the process. Functionality is again built in to track racks/trees, and operators can palletize the pressed bellies and record pallet weights before positioning them for storage or slicing.

Real-time reporting is available for finished products as well as for raw ingredient inventory, work-in-progress, and lot yield. FPTS yield reports also identify where loss is occurring during production, enabling management to improve processes and save money.

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