Food Safety & Quality Management


Food Safety Quality Management Software

 CAT²’s Food Safety and Quality Management (FSQM) application allows companies to collect HACCP, food safety, quality, downtime, plant monitoring, and facility data. Data can be collected from probes, existing plant-floor equipment, or by plant-floor operators using hand-held or touchscreen computers. If a check exceeds set limits, the system can notify appropriate personnel by text message or email as well as walk the operator through corrective action steps and generate an electronic CAPA form.

FSQM provides you with consistent, reliable data in an easy-to-use format. All data can be viewed and analyzed in real time, including pre-shipment reviews, compliance reports, and SPC charts with export capabilities.


  • Consolidates HACCP, food safety, quality, production, safety, downtime, plant monitoring, and facility check results into one module
  • Makes collecting data easy for plant-floor operators by building in product specifications; pulling data directly from scales, calipers, and probes; and automatically calculating results
  • Reduces labor costs by collecting data from unmanned probes and equipment, allowing operators to perform checks more quickly, and negating the need for extra data entry
  • Eliminates paper on the plant floor, saving money in supplies and storage fees
  • Makes customer, BRC/SQF, and third-party audits simple with easy-to-retrieve data


  • Notifies plant personnel via text message or email as soon as a check alarms or fails
  • Offers complete real-time reporting with compliance and pre-shipment reports, comprehensive SPC analysis, and data export options
  • Offers over 50 different check types including weight, temperature, yield, AQL, defect, and pass/fail-type checks
  • Supports BRC, SQF, and ISO certifications with a training register, document control, and necessary checks such as glass and brittle plastic audits
  • Designed specifically for food processing plants to comply with customer, FDA, and USDA standards

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