Customer Feedback from Latest CAT Squared Release

New Manufacturing Operations Management Software

CAT Squared is working hard to bring our customers the best manufacturing operations management software available in the industry. We are committed to releasing new functionality to our customers three times each year. As a reminder to our customers, new releases are available in January, May, and September.


Latest Software Release

In May, we released Version 9.37.00, which includes the following features:

  • The ability to duplicate products. The user can use the already-existing product as a template to streamline the process of entering a new product. (Release Notes: Page 12)
  • Hold system integration. Now, products can be moved while a hold is placed on them by defining areas where products on certain hold types can be stored. (Release Notes: Page 14) [More about positive-release holds…]
  • The ability to define units of measure within the Product Master. (Release Notes: Page 17)


Customer Response

Steve Milwicz, system analyst at Plainville Farms, reached out to us after upgrading to the latest version: “I wanted to reach out and let you know that we had a successful upgrade deployment from v9.23 to v9.37. The whole process took just over 8 hours to complete. The whole CAT Squared team deserves a big thank you from the Plainville team.”

The Plainville upgrade affected 75 computer users, 53 handheld scan guns, 21 case-end scale stations, 8 pre-price scale stations, and 2 inspection-disposition stations.

The next CAT Squared software release will be available in September and will feature a completely rebranded product with more user-friendly, industry specific icon buttons to create a more intuitive user experience.


Request an Upgrade

If you are a current customer interested in upgrading to the latest version, please email to have Version 9.37.00 installed in your test environment and receive a full copy of the release notes.

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