Cooked Product Temperature Monitoring


Cooked Product Continuous Temperature Monitoring and Control

CAT Squared’s Cooked Product Continuous Temperature (PTemps) system allows for complete integration into your company’s cooked area. By combining user-friendly touchscreen applications, cutting-edge touchscreen technology built for the food industry, and custom developed temperature capture and display systems; CAT Squared turns your cooked temperatures into live, actionable data.

PTemps captures more data points per minute by removing the time employees spend recording data on pen and paper. Displays on the cook and raw sides of your facility provide a live window into crucial cooking process in real time. By tying into the FSQM (Food Safety Quality Management) system, PTemps gains the ability to send out text messages and emails alerting management of any deviations and enforcing verification requirements.


  • Converts cooked temperature paperwork into live displays allowing for immediate reaction to trending temperatures before failures occur
  • Increases yield by promoting more frequent data collection and easy adjustment of notification and spec limits based on daily standard deviation reports
  • Removes redundant data entry of paperwork into Excel spreadsheets by allowing easy export of data from digital reports to Excel, Word, or PDF
  • Report subscriptions allow for immediate dispersion of data analysis reports and graphs to all stakeholders, including those offsite or at a corporate level
  • Improves efficiency of temperature takers by removing the redundancy of capturing temperatures with one device and then recording them later


  • Simple maintenance of stainless steel, polycarbonate, and plexiglass materials that are plant-floor proven and HAACP and wash-down compliant
  • Instantaneous, time-to-reach, and time-to-hold modes allow for a highly configurable system that fits your process
  • Simple push-button temperature capture that removes any opportunity for ambiguous or false entries
  • Digital calibration logs that are viewable on any cook station or PC, allowing for easy reviews and verification for plant personnel or government inspectors
  • Simple-to-use touchscreen interface that allows for easy and fast implementation and training with no downtime

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