CAT2 Team Trained in FSPCA Preventative Controls for Human Food

Recently, three members of the CAT Squared team completed a three-day training in Preventative Controls for Human Food, a course offered by the Food Safety Preventative Controls Alliance (FSPCA). The team included Continuous Improvement Specialist Kevin Martin, Implementation Specialist Will (Mingyang) Yu, and Technical Writer Tanner Sullivan.

“We believe it’s important for all of our employees, especially our younger employees without a manufacturing background, to take advantage of training opportunities that address the challenges our customers encounter in their plants,” said CAT Squared CEO Vernon Smith. “Having employees who are knowledgeable about food-safety protocols and good manufacturing practices helps us ensure that our software solutions align with real-world plant processes.”

“Since I arrived at CAT Squared straight out of college, I had little understanding about the food industry,” said Sullivan. “During the FSPCA course, our team was challenged to create our own food safety plan: identifying critical control points in our process, classifying hazards (chemical, physical, and biological), and determining the appropriate level of action and control. I feel these exercises will increase my confidence when developing food safety documentation for our software processes in the plant.”

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