Cargill Meats Thailand Promotes Adoption of New Technology at CMT / CAT Squared Modernization Day

Cargill Meats Thailand Promotes Adoption of New Technology at CAT Squared Modernization Day

On March 20, Cargill Thailand hosted CMT / CAT Squared Modernization Day, a technology event promoting to their employees the work Cargill Meats Thailand is doing with CAT Squared and SAP. CAT Squared specializes in developing MES (manufacturing executions systems) that manages a company’s plant floor and interfaces production data into ERP systems like SAP ERP.

“We’ve seen many benefits from integrating CAT Squared’s MES with SAP at other plants around the world,” said Yutdanai Nick Kongmuang, Cargill Meats Thailand business project manager. “We believe that when our employees are educated about how real-time data impacts our bottom line and makes their jobs easier, they will be more engaged and excited to adopt the new technology.”

“CAT Squared has been working with Cargill’s meat division for five years in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia,” said CAT Squared CEO Vernon Smith. “We are grateful Cargill is promoting the value of our systems to their employees. Employee buy-in is important when implementing new technology because it decreases resistance and encourages early adoption.”

CAT Squared is implementing a full front-to-back MES that will manage plant-floor data from live receiving through shipping final product, including scale integration, palletizing, product movement, food quality/safety data, and warehouse inventory management. All of this data will flow through SAP ERP giving management and plant-floor employees access to real-time production and inventory data through executive dashboards and plant-floor scoreboards, improving CMT’s ability to identify bottlenecks, improve efficiency and inventory control, and make better-informed business decisions more quickly.

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