How Do You Know If You Can Trust Your Data?

Accurate weights and measurements mean serious money

National Conference on Weights and Measures Certified Scale System Software

There’s serious money at stake if weights and measures are off, even by a little. In a recent story, we found that one of our customers was averaging four ounces of giveaway per case of product. On one of their top selling items, they were giving away $2 per box and were producing thousands of overweight cases each day. This discovery was possible through a combination of our FSQM software and properly calibrated weighing systems that run off our scale interface software. But how can you trust that this data is accurate?

In order to prove the accuracy of our systems, CAT Squared submitted our scale system controller software for third-party evaluation and certification by the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM), a professional nonprofit association of state and local weights and measures officials, federal agencies, manufacturers, retailers and consumers. NCWM has developed national weights and measures standards since 1905.

Our scale system controller is a software-based system for determining net weight based on gross weight values and includes real-time data collection from the plant floor, real-time reporting for production, inventory, and traceability. The emphasis of the evaluation was on performance of the controller, weight display information, printed information, and interaction with the indicating element. The results of the evaluation confirmed the device complies with applicable requirements.

“This third-party certification assures our customers that the data they receive through our system is accurate,” said Vernon Smith, CEO of CAT Squared. “Our customers depend on our data to make important decisions for their companies. We want them to know they can trust our data and our industry knowledge to help them make good decisions to ensure the future of their organizations.”


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