Planning & Optimization


Software for the Food Industry - Planning and Optimization

CAT Squared offers planning and optimization solutions, which use an integrated optimization model to help plant management make better production decisions. This module analyzes the incoming animal weight distribution, processing structure within the plant, resources, product specification, and demand in order to generate production orders that best satisfy conditions. As a result, the plant can predict and reduce imbalances in production, better allocate staff, and improve margins.


  • Automatically generates production plans
  • Allows companies to shift from a “plan builder” mindset to a “plan analyst” mindset
  • Achieves better planned versus actual variances with integrated plans
  • Reacts quickly to adjust plans according to new conditions
  • Quickly and accurately predicts plant operations


  • Integrates decisions from animal receiving to demand fulfillment
  • Allocates animals to departments and production orders according to weight ranges
  • Integrates with CAT²’s information database to provide real-time data and reporting
  • Organizes both short-term daily planning and medium-term weekly or monthly planning
  • Contains configurable objectives for margins, costs, demand fulfillment, and reduction of imbalances

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