Pack-out & Palletizing


Software for the Food Industry Pack-Out and Palletizing


CAT2‘S Pack-out and Palletizing solutions extend from manual to high-speed fully-automated in-motion weigh-and-label systems. Our in-motion systems include automatic print-and-apply and label verification functions, which allow plants to weigh and label more than 30 cases per minute with no operator intervention. Our weigh-price labeling option produces labels based on product weight.

Mobile wireless scale/printer combinations are available for packing out products not run on the in-line labeling system. And our store-and-forward technology allows each labeling station to run even when the plant’s network is down, ensuring minimum downtime and maximum throughput.

Pallets can be created either manually or by a robot according to an optimized layout. Each pallet is labeled and can be tracked in and out of a cooler, across the plant, and through shipping.

Production data can also be integrated into our Production Control module, providing a real-time view of production, catch weights, and give-away. Using the powerful production planning features, personnel can manage and control plant-floor production from any terminal. With our Warehouse Management System, we offer complete control of product movement, inventories, and complete traceability. Our Executive Dashboard provides management with web-based graphical reports and charts for single- or multi-plant monitoring.

Backed by 24-hour support, our labeling systems currently run up to 20 hours per day, 7 days a week, with little to no downtime in plants all over the world.


  • Allows labeling stations to run even if the plant’s network goes down, minimizing downtime and increasing throughput
  • Reduces labeling errors on plant floor
  • Gives management an accurate view of plant-floor activity, including real-time production progress and give-away
  • Seamlessly integrates with CAT² production modules and existing ERP systems


  • Features a user-friendly touchscreen with programmable hot keys for fast product selection
  • Facilitates box-end, consumer unit, and weigh-price labeling
  • Facilitates static or in-motion labeling
  • Includes multi-label and auto-palletizing options
  • Offers full RFID support

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