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Food Safety and Quality Management (HAT)

Our Food Safety & Total Quality Management Tool (HAT) focuses on proactively controlling processes and preventing failures. Using HAT, you can guarantee that products meet your company's and your customers' standards for safety and quality. You may configure checks per your company's HACCP, HIMP, USDA, FDA, QA, QC, and SOP/GMP specifications. Associates may collect weight, size, temperature, grading, and defect data on the plant floor as well as perform yield, retention, and AQL checks. They may use touch-screen, hand-held, or tablet computers to capture this data, eliminating manual data entry and reducing paperwork. Unmanned devices such as wireless sensors can record temperatures or transmit pH, flow, pressure, and humidity levels. Forming and other processing equipment may also be monitored with HAT. When checks enter an alarm state, a page, text message, e-mail, or scoreboard alert can be used to notify plant personnel, allowing them to proactively respond to the process, reducing failures and downtime and improving efficiency.

This advanced data collection and analysis system provides you with consistent, reliable, and provable data in an easy-to-use format. All data can be viewed in real time, including a failure ranking report, pre-shipment review, and compliance reports. Data can also be shown on charts and graphs enabled with SPC analysis and Six Sigma capabilities. You may use the data to analyze loss, track root causes of problems, and prove traceability from receipt to consumer. HAT turns plant floor data into actionable, process-improving intelligence.

The Food Safety & Total Quality Management Tool (HAT) is a suite of software designed to provide real-time plant/process data collection as well as sophisticated HACCP, SPC, and alarming abilities.

Technical Information

Prevention or Cure
  • Complete process structure is defined, describing each step
  • Unlimited checks may be linked to each process step
  • Corrective action may be defined for each measure
  • Contains all the requirements for a complete paper-based HACCP plan
  • Powerful, validated data collection features
  • Significant savings in time, effort and manpower
  • Data collection for food safety, production, and quality in one tool
Alerts or Wonder What Happened
  • Customize alarms, warnings, run rules, and checks
  • Users alerted on trends prior to the measure reaching its critical limit
  • Alerts can be escalated to levels of management
  • Alerts can be sent as text pages, emails, or SMS messages as well as visual or audible alarms on plant floor if:
    • Scheduled checks are overdue
    • Alarm limits have been breached
    • Critical limits have been breached
    • SPC Run Rules are breached
    • Data collection devices stop responding
  • Failures and alarms are tracked with corrective actions and future preventive actions
  • Ensure checks are done on time and where they need to be performed
  • Enforce that checks are done in sequence
Efficiency or Guesswork
  • Wireless data collection from plant floor
  • Data collected on the plant floor is available for alarming, reporting, and analysis in real time
  • Records a secure electronic signature for monitors and verifiers
  • Failures require root cause, and supervisors are notified of failure
  • Integrate with real-time data collection devices such as PLCs
  • Yield is calculated from weights at various points in plant and compared to alarm and failure limits
Information or Paper Trail
  • Collected data can be trended using the built-in SPC calculations and charts
  • Electronic specifications may be viewed on plant floor with PDF documents or digital images
  • Store digital pictures of issues as reference with check
  • Data can be traced by lots, batches, lines, machines, and associates
  • Prove a high degree of traceability to auditors or customers
  • Implement AQL inspection standards