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Egg Management Tools Series (EMTS)

The Egg Management Tool Series (EMTS) is a suite of software designed specifically for commercial egg operations; it allows companies to manage their processes, from flock record keeping for both pullet and layer flocks through processing, including inventory management, shipping, and distribution.

EMTS also includes a powerful forecasting tool, which generates complete forecasts for current and future flocks as well as egg supply by size and type. The tools also forecast feed and pullet requirements.

With the introduction of the Bioterrorism Preparedness Response Act in 2002, the need to provide accurate traceability became a necessity for the food industry as a whole. Producers have adopted traceability not only due to regulations, but also to gain a significant advantage over competitors and ensure customer loyalty. Farm-to-fork traceability is a reality with EMTS.

The Layer Information Manager keeps detailed flock records for pullet and layer flocks, including feeding programs and vaccination histories. The Grader Interface links to your grader and logs grading results by lot or batch. These batches can then be matched with the contributing flocks.

The Production Control module gives you complete control over plant floor data. All dry goods and ingredients can be traced by lot. Labeling can be performed at the case or pallet level. Bar code and RFID technology can be implemented to provide fast and accurate records for all movement transactions. The Warehouse Management System closes the loop, providing complete traceability. Recall reports can be generated by production date, lot, serial number, time range, packing material lot, or ingredient lot; these reports identify the exact location of product affected by the recall, be it on the plant floor, in your warehouse, at a remote storage facility, or at a customer site.

Technical Information

Layer Information Manager
  • Layer and pullet flock record keeping
  • Daily and weekly data management
  • Detailed performance and statistical analysis
  • Comprehensive production reports and charts
Layer Forecasting Module
  • Forecast egg flow for existing and future layer flocks by size and type
  • Forecast feed requirements
  • Forecast pullet requirements
  • Support multiple "What if?" scenarios
  • Use profiles to adjust forecasts based on season
  • Create egg handling plans to indicate where eggs will be delivered (e.g., processing plants, breaker plants) and use these plans to forecast future inventories by location
  • Analyze results by means of comprehensive reports and charts
Layer Costing Module
  • Designed to cost both layer and pullet flocks
  • Use activity-based costing principles
  • Complete ERP/financial integration
  • Weekly or monthly costing
  • Distribute costs with user-definable cost drivers (e.g., population, house capacity, hen days, etc.)
  • Comprehensive cost, P & L, and reconciliation reporting
Grader Interface
  • Integrate with grader control computer
  • Automatically log grading results by lot or batch from grader
  • Continue traceability from house to finished product
Dry Goods Management
  • Manage dry goods and ingredients
  • Receive against purchase orders and report back to ERP systems
  • Full lot traceability from supplier lot to finished product
Production Control
  • Receive orders and production schedules from ERP systems
  • Generate daily run sheets (production schedules)
  • Real-time reporting of production by grader
  • Track progress against production schedule in real time
  • Design and integrate custom labels
  • Support pallet labeling, manual case labeling, and in-motion case labeling
  • Support bar code and RFID labels
Warehouse Management
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Track inventory by cooler, aisle, and slot location
  • Track inventory by product and sell-by date
  • Enforce inventory rotation
  • Audit physical inventory
  • Daily movement, aging, and inventory reports
  • Perform shipping functions including picking, shipping, and bill-of-lading generation
  • Export shipping details to ERP systems
Container Tracking
  • Trace returnable containers using permanent bar code labels or RFID tags
  • Identify where all containers are and how long they have been there
  • Cycle count and aging report
  • Track movement of containers between multiple sites and to customers
  • Complete farm-to-fork traceability
  • Dry goods tracking by vendor lot and internal lot to the final product
  • For breaker plants, track all ingredients and additives by vendor lot and internal lot to the final product
  • Generate recall reports in seconds, including time-based and lot-based reports
  • Support forward recall (ingredients and materials to final product) and backward recall (final product back to ingredients and materials)