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Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)

The CAT2 Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) exceeds the typical capabilities of a laboratory information system. CAT2's LIMS is the missing link in a completely-integrated solution operating in a highly regulated environment, which is vital to your enterprise's brand protection.

LIMS begins with time-based plant floor sampling. Users may schedule and monitor samples, and the system will automatically send out email or SMS notifications when samples are late or have been missed.

Once samples are collected, LIMS generates documentation for each batch as part of a bar-coded chain of custody. Samples are then accepted and registered into the lab with instructions for performing each test. User-defined standard operating procedures will ensure that personnel follow the appropriate procedures. Analytical instruments may be integrated with LIMS to capture test results automatically; however, results may also be entered manually.

Simultaneously, our Warehouse Management System (WMS) will place product lots or batches on hold, preventing the product from being shipped until the LIMS results are completed.

LIMS strictly enforces the chain of custody, even in a complex environment, eliminating errors and missing data. With LIMS, information flows more efficiently, and product is shipped in a timely manner; the bottom line is improved, while accuracy and compliance are ensured.

Combined with our Food Safety and Quality System (HAT) and our WMS, there is no better peace of mind.

Technical Information

Sample Definition and Scheduling
  • Manage process steps and sample scheduling
  • Define samples by process, product, or customer specifications
  • Send alerts via email or SMS for missing or late samples
  • View results reported back to production
  • Copy and paste common sampling tree structures
  • Create shortcuts to commonly accessed samples

Sample Collection
  • Collect data with hand-held computers
  • Track samples, lots, and batches with bar codes
  • Integrate LIMS with production and food safety data collection
  • Create user-defined sample descriptors
  • Sample descriptors support a variety of data types, can pull from pre-defined lists, and enforce strict data entry requirements using masks

Sample Receiving
  • View samples for a user-defined date range
  • Receive multiple samples at once by test types or default tests
  • Receive several samples as a single composite sample
  • Create ad hoc samples
  • View overdue tests by color-coded grid rows
  • Automatically create default tests when a sample is received
  • Add or remove tests from samples

Sample Testing
  • Update multiple test records and associated results simultaneously
  • Approve several tests at once
  • View results that are outside of a predefined scope in color-coded grid cells
  • Automatically update the test status of each record based on where the test is located in the process
  • Generate a chain of custody for the samples and tests
  • Manage consumables
  • View data on CAT2 Executive Dashboards
  • Group sample and testing data on multiple columns
  • Save grid layouts and data filters for later recall