NEW Video Explains CAT Squared MES Benefits

Meet Bob, a plant manager who was looking to update his industrial food production plant’s manufacturing execution software. Bob did his research and found CAT Squared in CGI’s annual product survey. With over 20 years’ experience in providing MES software, CAT Squared was the only provider focused solely on the…Read More

NEW AT IPPE!!! TacticalOps: Planning & Optimization Software for Food Manufacturers

CAT Squared has partnered with UniSoma to disrupt the food-processing software industry with the launch of TacticalOps, our new planning & optimization tool designed for food manufacturers. Attendees at this year’s International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta will be the first to get a sneak peek at the…Read More

SAVE THE DATE: User Summit 2018

THE USER SUMMIT BY CAT SQUARED: A Technology Conference for the Food Industry The CAT Squared User Summit is designed to add value to food production operations by sharing best practices in the industry for adapting new technology to manufacturing processes. NEW VENUE / NEW PRICING / NEW TECHNOLOGY: Click…Read More

Visit Us at Espacio Riesco in Santiago, Chile

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet our industry professionals at Espacio Riesco, Booth Q7, in Santiago, Chile. Our team would love to meet you and demonstrate how we can deliver immediate improvements to your processes using real-time data collection. With an international presence serving the world’s largest companies, we…Read More

Customer Feedback from Latest CAT Squared Release

CAT Squared is working hard to bring our customers the best manufacturing operations management software available in the industry. We are committed to releasing new functionality to our customers three times each year. As a reminder to our customers, new releases are available in January, May, and September.   Latest…Read More

Get the Most out of Your ERP

In last month’s feature, we discussed various categories of data-management software systems used in manufacturing. This month, we’ll continue this conversation by more deeply defining the difference between ERP systems and MOM / MES systems and discussing how ERP integration with MES systems empowers manufacturers with real-time business intelligence to…Read More

NOW HIRING: .Net Software Engineer

CAT Squared is seeking a .Net Developer skilled in VB.Net and T-SQL to add to our development team. In this position you’ll be doing new development on commercial food manufacturing applications. Our products are mission critical, high volume, data-processing applications. You’ll need experience with: .NET Visual Studio SQL Server & T-SQL…Read More

Improving Quality Control with Real-Time SPC

In July, CAT Squared released an update to their SPC software that empowers plant-floor operators with real-time SPC trending data and charts. Production staff can now make adjustments to their plant-floor processes and immediately see how those adjustments impact the quality of the product. “Our system always included SPC capabilities,”…Read More

ERP? MES? MOM? Which is the Best Food Industry Software?

Information technology has changed the face of traditional manufacturing. Every day, there seems to be a new buzz word defining another software category to help you manage your company’s data. But which kind of software system is best for your company? What software system will give you the best ROI?…Read More

How Do You Know If You Can Trust Your Data?

There’s serious money at stake if weights and measures are off, even by a little. In a recent story, we found that one of our customers was averaging four ounces of giveaway per case of product. On one of their top selling items, they were giving away $2 per box…Read More

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