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Three Food-Industry Leaders Organize Put Foot Rally Crew to Give Shoes to African Children

Three food-industry leaders have organized a team to participate in the Put Foot Rally across southern Africa. The event raises money to provide underprivileged African school children with a pair of shoes. For many, it will be the first pair of shoes they’ve ever owned. The team is made up…Read More

New Employee Announcements

KATHERINE GILES Katherine has a decade of experience in mathematical modeling and is joining CAT Squared as an operations research specialist at our main headquarters in Conway, Arkansas. She began her career as an actuarial consultant with Ernst & Young after graduating cum laude with a BS in Economics from…Read More

Why Food Traceability Matters: PART 1

There is a growing movement of consumers demanding information on how their food is produced, including affluent American consumers, millennials, and the European market. I recently returned from a trip to Austria where traceability of food was a hot industry topic because locals wanted to support local farmers and wanted labeling…Read More

ABC Costing Case Study

To maximize profitability, companies must have a firm grasp of what it costs to manufacture and process each product. This becomes increasingly challenging for large companies with thousands of employees and long supply chains or multiple manufacturing plants. This study demonstrates a return on investment of less than just a…Read More

10 Most Common Labeling Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Industrial-scale food producers manage potentially hundreds of individual labels per each product code, item code, SKU, or material items, which creates a headache for version control and maintenance. The complexity of managing so many labels leads to data errors and human errors that negatively affect quality. According to the USDA’s…Read More

CAT Squared Under Construction

As many of our customers know, CAT Squared is undergoing a period of tremendous growth, and we want to tell you how we are putting our customers first. Over the coming months, we will tell you about our expansion, new processes, and how we are improving our services to you….Read More

5 Benefits of Installing Executive Dashboards

What is an Executive Dashboard? An Executive Dashboard is a visual representation of a company’s key performance indicators, giving executives a quick overview of their company’s performance metrics in real time. How do Executive Dashboards Work? Executive Dashboards connect with ERPs, CRMs, and other notification systems pulling all of a…Read More

Turkey Demand Project to Boost Consumption

One of the hot topics at February’s annual meeting of the National Turkey Federation (NTF) was the Turkey Demand Project. In 2015, U.S. consumption of turkey was 16.0 pounds per person. NTF’s goal is to increase per-person turkey consumption to 20 pounds by 2020. “We bring turkey top of mind…Read More

USDA Catfish Regulations: One Year Later

March 2017 marks the one-year anniversary of USDA regulatory oversight of the catfish industry. The industry is one year into an 18-month transition period as FSIS implements their inspection process. There is much speculation as to the future of such regulations under the new administration, but many catfish producers have…Read More

2017 Annual Food Quality & Safety Award

  CAT Squared works with the best QA teams in the industry, and we want to see your work recognized. Please submit your team’s entry before March 14. Here’s what you need to know: The annual Food Quality & Safety Award honors the dedications and achievement of a food safety…Read More

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