ERP? MES? MOM? Which is the Best Food Industry Software?

Information technology has changed the face of traditional manufacturing. Every day, there seems to be a new buzz word defining another software category to help you manage your company’s data. But which kind of software system is best for your company? What software system will give you the best ROI?…Read More

How Do You Know If You Can Trust Your Data?

There’s serious money at stake if weights and measures are off, even by a little. In a recent story, we found that one of our customers was averaging four ounces of giveaway per case of product. On one of their top selling items, they were giving away $2 per box…Read More

NOW HIRING: Hardware Technician I

Responsibilities: Assemble, install, test, troubleshoot, program, and repair scales, PLCs, electrical panels, transmitters, and other electronics and electrical equipment Interact with plant personnel and complete project tasks well and on time Installation of instrumentation on factory floor for customers Troubleshoot customer issues Qualifications: Formal training in electronics related field 3…Read More

New Employee Announcement

CAT Squared is proud to welcome Corey Wright as the newest member of our team. Corey joins the .NET team headed by Mark Bowden, CAT Squared’s research and development manager. Corey graduated from Arkansas State University with a bachelor’s degree in industrial technology and shortly afterwards started work as an…Read More

Why Food Traceability Matters: PART 3

Last month’s post took us on a futuristic trip to the grocery store to explore how global food producers will soon be adopting technology to build relationships with consumers. In this post, we’ll show you how that future isn’t too far away. Obviously, many companies are already using QR codes…Read More

A Message to Food Executives Nearing Retirement

There are many family-owned companies within the food industry, and often you see how conflict between the older and younger generations play out within the business. For the last two years, I’ve shared an office with our company’s sales team, and I’ve often heard comments like, “The CEO’s son is…Read More

Leveraging a Food Safety & Quality Management (FSQM) System for ROI

Many companies come to us searching for a more efficient way to document their food quality and safety data to meet USDA, FDA, HAACP, BRC, & SQF requirements. Many of these companies are using clipboards and spreadsheets and already expect to see efficiency improvements related to meeting government and client…Read More

CAT Squared Announces New Partnership with UniSoma and AIMMS

CAT Squared is proud to announce a new partnership with  AIMMS, an award-winning vendor of Prescriptive Analytics software, and UniSoma, a leading provider of Advanced Planning solutions. The partnership will enable AIMMS, UniSoma and CAT Squared to provision prescriptive analytics applications for food processing and production companies. CAT Squared customers include…Read More

Why Food Traceability Matters: PART 2

In last month’s post, I explained how American millennials and affluent consumers are distrusting of marketing efforts and large systems they don’t understand. They are seeking authentic experiences and relationships. In response to consumer pressure, companies are learning the importance of traceability and seeking ways to communicate with the customers…Read More

New Food Safety Quality Hold System Available

“Our customers have been asking for the ability to create positive release holds within our Food Safety Quality Management (FSQM) software, and we’re happy to announce that our updated hold system is available in the latest release of our FSQM Module v9.37.00,” said Vernon Smith, CEO of CAT Squared. Positive…Read More

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